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Discover the universe of Demon Slayer, the new Japanese phenomenon!

The manga Demon Slayer also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba is the new Japanese trend of these last months. With an incredible success both thanks to the manga published in the Shonen Jump but also thanks to its last movie which became the biggest hit of all times in Japan, Demon Slayer is an incredible work which will plunge you into an atypical world full of extraordinary fights and incredible adventures!

Orphaned after the massacre of his family by demons, Kamado Tanjirô decides to do everything to save the only survivor of this tragedy: his little sister Nezuko who has become a demon. He will then meet a demon hunter named Tomioka Giyu who will reveal him a secret: to try to give back a human form to his sister, Tanjirô has no choice but to become a demon hunter and follow a path full of pitfalls…

Don’t wait any longer and join the trend of what promises to be one of the greatest shônen!

Become a demon hunter with our Demon Slayer cosplays!

You liked the manga or the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and you always dreamed to become Tanjirô, Zenitsu or Inosuke in order to protect Nezuko and to fight the terrible Kibutsuji Muzan and his 12 demonic moons? With our high quality Demon Slayer cosplays, a multitude of possibilities are offered to you, you can transform yourself into a brave warrior like Tanjirô, a master of lightning like Zenitsu, an impetuous swordsman like Inosuke or a very kawaii demon-human like Nezuko!

You can also dress up as one of the nine pillars, the elite fighters, who are the best swordsmen in the world. Dress up as Tomioka Giyu to use his famous water breath or as Kyojuro Rengoku with his devastating fire breath.

Let your imagination run wild and really embody your favorite characters with our katanas and masks straight out of the Demon Slayer universe that will enhance your cosplay!

Original and authentic cosplays!

All our cosplays are designed by passionate people in order to be as faithful as possible to the Demon Slayer universe while keeping a superior textile quality.
Wearing our cosplays will allow you to embody your favorite characters and to identify with their traits such as Tanjirô’s courage, Nezuko’s sweetness and Zenitsu’s humor. On the other hand, you will be perceived as someone cool and interesting during cosplay events or conventions because our Demon Slayer cosplays offer you the possibility to stand out from the other cosplayers who have for most of them already seen and seen again cosplays.

Our cosplays have already pleased many of you and have been worn by some at the Japan Expo and even at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles last year!