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Dive into the world of Demon Slayer, the new Japanese bestseller!

You have certainly already heard about the manga Demon Slayer, alias Kimetsu no Yaiba, and it is quite normal because it is the phenomenon of the moment in Japan! This work written by Koyoharu Gotuge has had an impressive success in the very popular Japanese manga magazine Shonen Jump for a few months. This masterpiece has also proved itself in the cinema with its last movie which was number one at the box-office for several weeks in our Japanese neighbors. The craze around Demon Slayer is such that the production team has made a huge mural with the effigy of the characters of Demon Slayer in the very famous Shibuya station.

Koyoharu Gotuge tells us the story of Kamado Tanjirô, who sees his life change overnight when a tragedy takes place and his family is killed by a demon. His little sister, Nezuko, is with him the only survivor of this massacre, but she now has demon blood in her. Tanjirô makes the promise to give back human form to his little sister and the only way to do it is to become a demon hunter…

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Represent your favorite characters by wearing our Demon Slayer clothes!

As a fan of the manga Demon Slayer you probably already wanted to wear Tanjirô, Zenitsu and Nezuko’s clothes, right?
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We offer you a whole collection of high quality clothes inspired by the universe of the manga Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) so that you can dress up like the characters you love.

So take the opportunity to put on Zenitsu’s bright orange and white shirt, Tomioka Giyu’s sumptuous two-tone jacket or Nezuko’s kawaii traditional Japanese kimono.
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You will also find in our collection a large choice of socks, scarves, shirts, kimonos and pajamas to enhance your outfits with an original touch.

Trendy clothes with legendary designs

Our entire collection of Demon Slayer clothing is produced by a passionate team to be as faithful as possible to the magical universe of Demon Slayer while having a premium textile quality.

There is something for everyone: we offer a varied collection with clothes adapted to men, women but also to children, there is no age to be able to enjoy his passion!
Find our most trendy items in the size that suits you, you can choose from sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL for some pieces.

All our clothes are comfortable to wear so you can feel comfortable inside and have an exceptional outfit thanks to the legendary Demon Slayer designs.
You will find on our clothes both the patterns of your favorite characters’ clothes and also drawings representing them in action in now classic fight scenes!